| Alpen glow from high altitude

Alpen glow from high altitude

That time when we hiked up for sunset and ended up till sunrise. Our very first hunt for the Neowise, I knew I had to go up high and even though I have seen the view from Tower of Babel, I have never been there myself. My FOMO (fear of missing out) had pushed me to carry both of my cameras, two tripods and 5 lenses.

We got a bit of lost but eventually made it up there. Then we stayed to see The Neowise, we had about 10 minutes windows before the clouds rolled in. We were chatting and I told my friends, I’m a pretty lazy hiker, so if I get up there I usually wait till sunrise. This means I get to shoot sunset, the stars and sunrise. To my surprised, their reaction was, why don’t we do that? 😂 It was cold but it was one of the warmer night. My shirt got eaten by the mice. I was waiting when they give up and asked to come down. but we stayed till about 9 am and were awarded with this view. I must say that’s a Wicked Hunt

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