| A Night to remember

A Night to remember

After my first failed attempt shooting the Neowise I was committed! I had a small window where the clouds look fairly OK before I left the national park and I thought it’s now or never.

I was so fixated with the Neowise I didn’t even check the Aurora forecast.

I hiked at 7 pm and got there around 9 pm just before sunset. I quickly set up the timelapse and as soon as the day gets darker I started to see the green band on the bottom of the frame.

I had to take another look to make sure I was looking at the right thing, but as soon as I realised I knew it was gonna be a night to remember and I started to do my happy dance.

I was there the whole night watching Aurora come and go, and the neowise shift in the sky.

It was The Best Night of my life.

Printed Size: 24 x 36 inches printed on metal

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