| Complete photograph Set (4)

Complete photograph Set (4)

Cheetah Portrait (Kruger National Park, South Africa) – Whilst on safari we came across this cheetah, it had just eaten from its kill. As the cheetah was quite close to our vehicle, I was able to photograph its portrait. If you look closely, you will see a bug on its nose.

Safe With Mum (Madikwe, South Africa) – This young elephant safely drank at the waterhole surrounded by its mum and other elephants. Photographing from a low-level hide enabled me to photograph looking up at this elephant, which is a wonderful perspective.

In Unison (Madikwe, South Africa) – This group of elephants were photographed from a low-level hide drinking at the far end of the waterhole. I patiently waited until all their trunks where up, then I snapped this photograph. I love how they lined up in size order.

Serengeti Cheetah (Central Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa) – Seeing this cheetah in the grasses of Central Serengeti was wonderful, when it sat and turned to look my way, it was magical. The fastest land animal in the world.

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